Do you ever feel a bit regretful as you roll up a car window? I do. The reasons for coaxing a wall of glass between myself and the world are innocent enough; it is cold, it is hot, or it is windy and I’m eating a forced meal of my own hair and dusty air. I’m still bothered though. Like most little nagging things, the window itself it not the problem. The issue is what the window reminds me of. The glass seals me off from the living world, and leads me to worry about all the other constant sealings-off. It’s not the window separating me form from the road that concerns me, it’s the idea that my preoccupations may seal me off from the people I see daily.



This is a post on a blog. Which, I suppose, makes me a blogger, currently blogging a blogpost on a blog. Supposing that I conform to some archetypes of writing blogposts (and that blog-ish is a word), this then becomes a blog-ish blogpost on a blog-ish blog. Making me a blog-ish blogger, blogging a blog-ish blogpost on a blog-ish blog.

DISCLAIMER: Although the above conclusion is completely confusing and redundant (not to mention grammatically odd), the webpage it introduces will certainly not be.